Are You Overwhelmed by Stress and Anxiety?

Take A Mid-Day Break and Join Our Special Exclusive Virtual Event to Find Inner Balance And Inner Peace!

In Celebration of Juneteenth!

Join us for a special virtual pop-up event in celebration of Juneteenth! Dive into an afternoon of healing and rejuvenation as we commemorate the emancipation of enslaved individuals in the US at our signature Creating Balance To Elevate Event!

Make Mindful Connections While You Practice Mindfulness

Step into a world of mindful connections and purposeful networking as you unplug during your midday break. Immerse yourself in the art of breathwork, unwind through mindful pauses, and seize the opportunity to connect with fellow professionals, leaders, and visionary entrepreneurs. This event is your gateway to meaningful connections, valuable insights, and personal growth, all in the span of your midday breather to recharge.

Join us for "Creating Balance to Elevate", a virtual event designed to help stressed and overwhelmed professionals find inner balance and improve their performance and success. Led by Lauren LC Wells, Holistic Wellness Expert and Mindfulness Coach.

Discover the Power of Mindfulness and Grounding Practices to
Elevate Your Mind and Dominate Your Productivity!


  • Reduce stress and anxiety to boost productivity and work performance

  • Develop mindfulness habits and routines for increased focus and energy

  • Learn and adopt practical exercises to dysregulate your nervous system and elevate stress

  • Elevate your performance and dominate in your industry

  • Enhance communication and emotional intelligence for better business relationships and increased profits.

  • Connect with business growth professionals for potential collaborations, partnerships, and business opportunities.

Meet The Facilitator:

Holistic Wellness & Self-Care Expert

Lauren Wells, a holistic wellness expert who specializes in mindfulness and gut health as a way to combat stress and improve overall well-being. With over 10 years of experience, she has helped countless clients achieve optimal health and balance in their lives.

Over the last decade, Lauren has merged mind, body, and spirit healing modalities to be a part of her clients' transformational journey to create work-life balance, manage stress, and learn sustainable habits to be healthy and happy!

Learn more about Lauren's credentials here

What Previous Attendees Had To Say:

"The Create Balance to Elevate: Mindfulness Practice Workshop was AMAZING! I walked away feeling so calm and confident. I learned new mindfulness techniques to use daily. I felt safe to share and enjoy the experience while there. It was a very interactive and engaging space. I plan to attend every time my schedule allows!"

-Jalisa H

"Attending the event helped me get centered and allowed me to remain focused on my task for the rest of the day. I learned new tools that I can use should I find myself feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Thank you Lauren for making space for women to recharge."

-Marsha G

Special Guest: Olivia "The Brand Counselor" Thomas

We are thrilled to announce that Olivia Thomas, widely known as The Brand Counselor, will be our special guest at this special Juneteenth event.

About Olivia Thomas: Olivia Thomas is a dedicated advocate for business-owning Black women and their allies, helping them transition from hustling to wholeness through strategic brand development. Olivia assists entrepreneurs in uncovering their true mission, enabling them to craft a Heart Story that resonates deeply with the right clients.

Her philosophy is clear: Brand Strategy is Business Strategy, and all branding is personal!

Why Olivia’s Expertise Matters: Olivia believes in the power of authentic storytelling to transform businesses. By clarifying your message, she helps seasoned business owners increase both cash flow and impact. Her strategies are designed to connect the right message to the right clients, those who are just waiting for the perfect story to fall in love with. We are excited to have her briefly share her expertise and way to liberate your freedom through brand strategy!

🎉 Celebrate with Us:

As we honor this significant day, we invite you to come dressed in your Juneteenth colors or set your virtual background to a special graphic of your choice. This event aims to create an intimate and intentional space for growth, learning, and celebration. Register now!

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