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Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching With Lauren LC

Expert in Holistic Nutrition, Gut Health, and Spiritual Wellness!

Over the last decade, Lauren has merged mind, body, and spirit healing modalities to be a part of her clients' transformational journey to create work-life balance, manage stress, and learn sustainable habits to be healthy and happy!

Get clarity and support on what's the best holistic lifestyle that best fits you. Lauren will assist you in navigating your current lifestyle habits that you struggle the most with to find the best protocol that works best for your body type and life. Book a consultation call today!

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Client Testimonials


Andrea O- Data Analytics

Lauren is an amazing coach to work with! I worked with her for 10 years now! I look forward to our sessions and get really upset when I have to miss one.

My favorite thing about Lauren is that she is mindful of people's struggles and insecurities. She has helped me still accomplish my body goals while navigating every mental hurdle and physical life challenge.


Shaylin W- Therapist/Day Care Owner

Being A Busy Mom, working my job, and running my business becomes A LOT, and caring for myself is always last!! I need a simplified plan and someone to tell me how to make the most healthiest, easy simple choices that I can REALISTICALLY implement and the reminder to get on my self-care routine. Lauren is highly skilled in creating a plan with every stage I am in my life. She has helped me lose 75lb postpartum with both my pregnancies' and recently get back to looking my best in my wedding dress! She is my coach for life!


Lakeisha D- MUA/Aesthetician

I have worked with other coaches before, but what makes Lauren indifferent is her ability to make you feel safe! Safe from self judgment, from self-doubt, in the dark place I felt I was spiraling into! She focused on not only my physical health but also my mental health! The improvement in my happiness came before anything, and that's why I love working with her. She helped me get mentally and physically strong!


Jazmin M- Director Of Career Readiness

I don't know where to begin I could focus on the 30lbs I've released and maintained in the past year and a half. I could talk about how I suffered with insomnia for over a decade but now I sleep well and start my days at 6am or 7am! And there's so much MORE benefits working with this woman in the last year! I think the most important part of my work with Lauren has been healing the relationship I had with my body, understanding that my body had needs that I wasn't equipped to meet, I have been releasing weight, releasing trauma, and releasing anything that's not in alignment with where I see myself going! That has been my biggest transformation. Forever grateful for Lauren and her wisdom!

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