Corporate Wellness

Mental wellness in the workplace is more crucial now than ever!
Mental health issues can occur or even worsen existing conditions if left unnoticed. Employers' can help by providing opportunities for mental stimulation and awareness.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported

almost one in five adults has a mental illness in the U.S.

And 71% of adults have at least one symptom of stress.

Employees are looking to work for organizations that value their overall wellness and we can help you on this effort with our workshops for your staff's personal and professional growth!

Mindfulness & Grounding Workshops

What is Mindfulness & Grounding Workshop?

This workshop is designed to help your organization improve your team retention by teaching participants best Mindfulness & Grounding Techniques to reduce anxiety, manage stress and produce productivity within the workspace. We work to fit your organization's needs to assure Top Performance.

A study conducted by the University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University found that companies with higher levels of workplace satisfaction had an average of 31% more revenue than companies with lower levels

Key Benefits To Your Organization:

  • Increase in workspace satisfaction for your employees

  • Improvement in team's overall peak performance

  • Increase in productivity in the workspace, which can result to higher profit margins

Each Participant will:

  • Develop a deep understanding of mindfulness and how it positively impacts their performance and satisfaction in the workplace

  • Recognize common unconscious contributors to stress and learn proactive management techniques

  • Leave the session with practical resources and stress reducing techniques to overcome burnout both personally and professionally

The Workshop Package Includes:

  • 2-hour workshop covering our proprietary Mental Wellness Framework

  • Pre-event consultation call with the internal team to go over workflow and planning of workshop to cater to participants needs and assure transformation

  • Post-event debrief and analysis call to summarize the success of the event

  • Each attendee will receive a 12-page Mindfulness & Self-Care Companion Guide filled with Mindfulness Exercise and Nutrition Gut Health Tips.

What Participants Have Said:

Organizations We Have Worked With:

About The Facilitator:

Lauren Wells is a Certified Digestive Health Coach, Holistic Wellness & Self-Care Expert, and Founder of Hervival®. She is a passionate healing guide who strongly believes in a holistic approach to improving the body’s mental, physical, and energetic nature. She is known as "THE GUT HEALTH BESTIE" who has helped hundreds of women go from struggling-to-consistent in their wellness journey to becoming mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy and happy. Her distinctive way of focusing on gut-health to improve mental health and overall well-being is what makes her workshops and coaching unique.

She has over 20+ years of experience within the health, wellness, social services and human services industry. As she have received years of training in Mental Health First Aid response, she has developed superb quality skills such as interpersonal skills, observational skills, and building strong therapeutic rapport, just to name a few that has still helped her today.

Mindfulness & Grounding Workshop Works Great For Your Next:

  • Team Virtual Event

  • ERG Event

  • Sales Training Event

  • Company Conference

  • Company Retreat

  • Executive Leader Event

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