About Us

Our company was founded in February 2021 in response to the urgent demand for mental health support, spiritual wellness, community support, and a sense of belonging during the unprecedented challenges of the 2020 pandemic. Recognizing the critical need for these services, our Founder, Lauren Wells, leveraged her extensive expertise in various fields such as services, training, education, and business. Hervival was established with the specific goal of meeting these pressing needs and providing essential ongoing support during turbulent times.


At Hervival, our mission is to empower and uplift women by promoting holistic wellness and self-care practices that go beyond surface-level indulgences. We are committed to fostering a deeper connection with oneself, promoting self-love, and encouraging women to embrace their unique identities and heritage. Our aim is to assist corporations in prioritizing mental awareness and wellness resources within the workspace, ensuring that marginalized groups, especially Women of the Black Diaspora, have equal opportunities to achieve optimal well-being on a soul level. By helping women transform from the inside out, we strive to create a more inclusive society that values the holistic wellness of all women.










Healing and self-care is not just a luxury, but a non-negotiable necessity! Breathing is healing and it is our soul's power source. Due to high stress, many Women are overwhelmed and burnout that shallows their breathing, and dims the light of their soul's joy every day. This creates an increasing amount of tension in their lives and work. Our purpose is to cultivate safe spaces where women can breathe deeper with ease, support one another, and embrace sustainable holistic lifestyle practices in their daily lives.

Meet The Founder


Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation​​​​​​​

Ayurvedic Digestion & Nutrition

(WITS) Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

(NASM)- Corrective Exercise Specialist​​​​​

CPR/AED & First Aid

Mental Health First Aid

Prenatal/Postpartum Training

Sports & Exercise Nutrition

Mastering Herbs

Energy Clearing Techniques

Breathwork (studying)

Areas of Specialization:

Nutrition & Digestion

Mindfulness & Breathing Techniques

Mindset Shifting

Energy & Chakra Alignment

Herbs & Supplementation

Cleansing & Detoxing

Weight Release

Lauren Wells, affectionately known the Gut Health Bestie™ is a Certified Digestive Health Coach and Mental Health Coach specializing in Nutrition, Gut Health, Mental Health and Spiritual Wellness. She loves educating the importance of how much Mindfulness and Gut Health impacts mental well-being. Lauren graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Rehabilitation Services from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

She has over 20+ years of experience within the wellness and healthcare field combined initially studying Nursing at a vocational high school in her early years. After college, Lauren worked 5yrs in the social services and human services system working with individuals with special needs with years of training in Mental Health First Aid response in New York City.

Lauren has consulted nearly 400 clients across the Nation on their journey with releasing weight; restoring a healthy gut microbiome, creating sustainable healthy eating habits, staying actively fit, gaining confidence, and creating a balanced lifestyle in all aspects.

Her passion and commitment to helping Women adopt sustainable Holistic and Realistic lifestyle habits to ultimately live a healed, healthy and happy life inspires her daily. Lauren believes we all deserve to breathe with more ease and have optimal well-being and she is dedicated to sharing the best practical life skills and tools to help others achieve that for themselves.

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