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for the Plant-Based Curious Woman!

If you’ve tried diet after diet unsuccessfully and you’ve been considering transitioning or implementing a more plant-based eating lifestyle and working out more, but can’t find things to cook that are truly appetizing or an exercise plan that you can easily incorporate in your lifestyle that you ACTUALLY enjoy!?


If you want to succeed FOR REAL this time then pay very close attention…

Most women who struggle with their weight aren’t taking a holistic approach.

Meal planning in a way that leaves you deprived is not the answer.

Putting bland food in plastic containers week after week is actually a recipe for disaster.

Self sabotage is real and it’s not something you can ignore. It has to be defeated and it’s cycle broken.. and that’s exactly what I’m here to help you do

In My Stop Meal Planning & Start Eating SMART Workshop...

You Can Expect To:

Finally know what wholesome foods to eat any place any where so that holidays, vacation, and eating out remain enjoyable AND healthy

Find simple ways to swap your meals and add plant-based food options taht works for YOU rather than following everyone and their mamas’ meal plan

Master your food and keep your movement fun and active

...and much, MUCH more!

a personal invitation from


Hi, I’m Lauren LC Wells aka the "Gut Health Bestie!" I am an expert in Holistic Nutrition, Functional Movement, and Gut Health, who has helped hundreds of women learn the lifestyle tools to stay consistent on their journey to become healthy with better Gut Health, balanced hormones, and aligned vibrating energy!

My clients have broken free from old self-sabotaging habits and have now become completely immersed in their new lifestyles where healthy choices are desired and automatic instead of forced.

I’m hosting this free masterclass because...

It is time to get back to the basics of nature and not overcomplicate how we are designed to eat!

The rules of wellness have changed and eating healthy doesn't need to be a daily chore but a pleasurable experience...

You don't need to stress out about healthy eating and living while resenting people who appear to have it together but are actually quite unhealthy.

You can make choices that work for you instead of against you with these simple strategies.

The "Stop Meal Planning & Start Eating SMART” Workshop holds the key to your success with holistic strategies you can begin implementing today!

See you there!

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